Episode 9 – Laura Stack

Today’s guest is Laura Stack. She is here to speak about Johnny’s Ambassador’s and how it began after the tragic suicide of her son Johnny. She is on a relentless mission to share Johnny’s story with the world.

Episode 8 – Justin Klomp

Today’s guest is Justin Klomp. Justin is the owner of the well known Denver based jewelry store Trice Jewelers. Justin not only shares his story, but the stories of his happy clients and the daily joy that jewelry adds to their lives.

Episode 7 – Wende Curtis

Today’s guest is Wende Curtis. Wende shares her story of starting as an employee and fighting to become the owner of multiple Comedy Works locations. She touches on her triumphs and struggles within her personal life and business.

Episode 6 – Jenn Bonicelli

Today’s guest is Jenn Bonicelli. Jenn’s struggles with infertility and eventual triumph, led her to become the co-author of You can Two: The Essential Twins Preparation Guide and co-founder of the parenting blog Two came True.

Episode 5 – Andy Klein

Today’s guest is Andy Klein. His company Westside Investment Partners has a simple principle – development with a conscience. Andy’s hardships over the years has led him to focus on the lasting impact his developments have throughout Colorado.

Episode 4 – Andrea de la Garza

Today’s guest is Andrea de la Garza. Andrea speaks about the passing of her beautiful son, Amari, a child with Down-syndrome and the bond they shared.

Episode 3 – Peter Sheahan

Today’s guest is Peter Sheahan. Peter is a well-known speaker, author, and consultant. Peter discusses his own journey and his pursuit of growth in an ever-changing world.

Episode 2 – Dawn Abbott

Today’s guest is Dawn Abbott. Dawn speaks about her life-changing journey after the death of her husband and how she navigates life for herself and her children, and as a successful businesswoman.

Episode 1 – Nikki Cady

Today’s guest is Nikki Cady. Nikki is the founder of Heart and Hand, a local non-profit that impacts the lives of many families in Denver. Nikki’s charitable actions span across the world for over 13 years.