Power of a Voice

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Episode 9 – Laura Stack

May 17, 2022
Today’s guest is Laura Stack. She is here to speak...

Episode 8 – Justin Klomp

May 3, 2022
Today’s guest is Justin Klomp. Justin is the owner of...

Episode 7 – Wende Curtis

April 19, 2022
Today’s guest is Wende Curtis. Wende shares her story of...

Episode 6 – Jenn Bonicelli

April 5, 2022
Today’s guest is Jenn Bonicelli. Jenn's struggles with infertility and...

Episode 5 – Andy Klein

March 15, 2022
Today’s guest is Andy Klein. His company Westside Investment Partners...

Episode 4 – Andrea de la Garza

March 1, 2022
Today's guest is Andrea de la Garza. Andrea speaks about...

About the Show

Power of a Voice, with Lori Corken, dives into the lives of people who are willing to share their stories in the hopes to help others.

Lori’s life changed forever on October 11, 2019 when she had a stroke. From this, Lori learned that everyone has a story and it’s now time to share.

On this channel, you can expect impactful videos that will help you find your path through others’ stories.

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